Steem - recent/ / 2017-12-16 13:07:22.778036 2017-12-16 13:07:22.778036 Powered by Watching Support On Gold & The Weekly Review Gold and silver had a hard week looking for a turnaround as support levels could break on through. Silver is at its best buys in a long time so please take heed and stack as many as you can.... Oil looks like it might be coming back through to support off the weekly charts watch for previous high breaks as mentioned earlier the goal was to get to approximately $70 a barrel The dollar looks like it has higher lows coming into resistance let's see if we get a rejection or a follow-through Bitcoin 's awesome highs last week but has can come down into support and is consolidating very nicely even as we speak looks like a 60 minute chart is breaking out onwards and upwards. I have not seen any action on the futures contract for bit coin as word on the street is Wall Street just wants a piece of the action as a derivative and with $10,000 per contract leaves most of our society out in the cold. Pretty hypocritical when you can buy fractions of the coin but you can only participate in Wall Street with $10,000 per contract. We will see how useless the contract becomes. Other than that waiting for crypto's to rise with bitcoin, the inflection point is yet to be seen. 2017-12-11T01:30:30 /money/@rustysmetals/watching-support-on-gold-and-the-weekly-review Central Banks, Governments & Keynesian Economists Are Losing Their $hit Over Bitcoin <center></center> If you were to tell me that central banks, governments, and Keynesian economists were in an uproar and hated something, I would put my finger to your lips and say, “Shhhh, you don’t even have to tell me what it is. Whatever it is, I love it.” In this particular case, it happens to be bitcoin! With bitcoin now on the cusp of breaking through $12,000 and a $200 billion market cap it seems all the puppets of the archaic, violent, tyrannical system of money and banking are losing their $hit! The <a href="">Federal Reserve’s vice-chairman of supervision Randy Quarles issued a “warning”</a> 6 days ago saying that while digital currencies are not yet causing major concerns at their current usage levels, “more serious financial stability issues may result if they achieve wide-scale usage”. The <a href="">ECB actually urged its archaic banking system to try to process things as though computers and the internet exist to compete with bitcoin</a>. A member of the ECB’s executive board Yves Mersch came out and said that: <blockquote>“Banks need to implement instant payments as soon as possible and provide an alternative narrative to the ongoing public debate on the alleged innovation brought by virtual currency schemes.”</blockquote> Alleged! Alleged!!! Of course, the real schemes are the fiat paper backed by nothing and printed at will without limit by central banks like the ECB and the Federal Reserve. It’s no surprise that most governments across the board take similar positions to that of the ECB’s. Especially India, who not long ago enacted very strict capital controls in the form of banning large denomination Indian rupees and forcing their citizens to pay taxes and account for the obsolete bills as they cashed them in for smaller ones. The Indian finance minister, Arun Jaitley, just recently stated that the government does not recognize bitcoin as legal tender. Another example is in the US where Senator Dianne Feinstein has said that the country needs to update its Anti-Money Laundering laws to amend the definition of ‘financial account’ and ‘financial institution’ to include digital currencies and digital exchanges. Also, the criminal US Senate Judiciary Committee is working on bill S.1241 that aims to “criminalize” the intentional concealment of ownership or control of financial accounts. That’s right US citizens, you have to show big brother exactly what you’re doing, and if you don’t? Well, then you’re a terrorist! That’s what you get for living in the land of the free! Then, there is the socialist utopia of Venezuela, where the government has been attacking bitcoin miners and stealing their hardware, and is now coming out with their own government-issued crypto called the “Petro” backed by the nation’s oil, gas, gold, and diamond reserves. I’m looking forward to hearing the sketchy-ass details on the “Petro”! It’s most likely that the reason the Venezuelan government is doing it is because <a href="">they can’t even afford to pay for the paper to print up their “Strong Bolivar” notes anymore!</a> And, <a href="">Stephen Roach, a senior fellow at Yale</a>, said, “Bitcoin is a dangerous speculative bubble by any shadow or stretch of the imagination. I've never seen a chart of a security where the price really has a vertical pattern to it. And bitcoin is the most vertical of any pattern I've ever seen in my career." Roach is a Keynesian economist at Yale, so you can forgive him for not even knowing what a security is. According to <a href="">Investopedia</a>, “A security represents an ownership position in a publicly-traded corporation (via stock), a creditor relationship with a governmental body or a corporation (represented by owning that entity's bond), or rights to ownership as represented by an option.” Bitcoin is not a stock. It’s certainly not a creditor relationship with a government or corporation. And, it isn’t a right to ownership represented by an option… it is the right to ownership in and of itself. Roach doesn’t understand that bitcoin is money. Keynesians don’t understand money anyway… that’s why they destroy every fiat currency they create in eventual hyperinflation. And, Joseph Stiglitz continued to make the rounds on the fakestream media trying to talk down bitcoin this week. Here is his latest interview, edited slightly, but barely a noticeable change from the unedited video: In any case, we’ve now got almost every central bank, government and Keynesian in the world panicking about bitcoin. Good! Hopefully, all of them are looking for a new job soon. I wish them luck since none of them have any skills that are useful in a free market. The next issue of The Dollar Vigilante newsletter should be coming out this weekend and Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos, will give insights into what may or may not happen to bitcoin after futures trading on the CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) begins at 5 p.m. CT on Sunday, December 10th. Click <a href="[Steemit]&WickedID=[Central Banks, Governments & Keynesian Economists Are Losing Their $hit Over Bitcoin] ">HERE</a> to make sure you don’t miss the next edition of the TDV newsletter where we have been covering bitcoin since 2011 and told you the day would come where governments and central banks would be scrambling to try to stop it. That day has arrived. Stay tuned here for more! <center></center> 2017-12-06T04:00:12 /bitcoin/@dollarvigilante/central-banks-governments-and-keynesian-economists-are-losing-their-usdhit-over-bitcoin Looking at the indices for top that are forming Miners are having an especially hard day today Watching for the head and shoulders tops forming on the indices Silver is having a rough time in around 16 Oil put in a lower high waiting to see if support will hold on its way to 70 Vix is interesting if the indices fall down Please vote re-steem and follow Appreciative of everyone support 2017-12-05T16:28:12 /money/@rustysmetals/looking-at-the-indices-for-top-that-are-forming Uranium On The Open The indices have broken tops making all-time highs once again and news is stating that it's because of the new tax plan everyone is very happy in Wall Street looking for blow off tops The miners in particular uranium are all pushing the envelope this morning The bitcoin is still in consolidation no sign of bubble yet it to over the weekend made new highs closer to 12,000, what a monster BTC is MY FAV AND LONG TERM HOLD IS EOS Happy trading 2017-12-04T16:07:18 /investment/@rustysmetals/uranium-on-the-open BTC make new Highs Watch For Blow Off Tops In The Indicies <center><a href='!/v/rustysmetals/01yw2kjc'><img src=''></a></center><hr> Starting off the dollar on the weekly chart watch for the bearish retracement back into resistance and being rejected for a flat bottom break just under the monthly simple moving average 34. Gold and silver closing the monthly's look very healthy if we can just get the daily charts to get across previous highs the monthly chart breaks look very very bullish The indices look like blowoff tops so far we will need to look for the open on Monday morning to see if maybe we create some kind of double top and then we need to break down into previous highs to confirm those tops. Oil looks to be bullish as it is picked up the pace on the daily chart, the monthly chart looks bullish as well is the reverse head and shoulders is continuing to move up next stop 70 and then $10 increments all the way up to nearly 100. But resistance at every $10 so 70 than 80 then 90 so on and so forth. To recap the bullishness of the monthly chart is a reverse head and shoulders. A bullish price pattern completion Please follow me on steemit as YouTube and Google AdSense are continuing to censor and create new rules for content creators that somehow doesn't fit in to their political spectrum. Censorship will be the downfall of Google. Follow me on steemit at Rustysmetals please like follow and upload as you will. Learning To Trade Can Be The Hardest Game To Play Because The Biggest Obstacle Is Ourselves Support Me By Following-Resteeming-Share & Upvoting Me On Steemit: Here Paypal: my long term hold is EOS :) Buy Me Some Coffee btc: 3MnBdkH85hrpCnMnARajDQ5bgLrZLq23up eth: 0x0092f0f7c23a45c7a1f900477f466892af4a65d0 ltc: LgpTQcW8HsjruUag7kHAughMjZ99h8WPc1 eos: 0xf57b10fde6d5d70dbd89ca517d225fb86bfd0e50 btg: GYQqXozscQdz3cqCMHdQ2kMZpVXyJb6gCy buy btc mine btc cloud mining HitBTC Exchange: Binance Exchange: <hr><a href='!/v/rustysmetals/01yw2kjc'> ▶️ DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▶️ IPFS</a> 2017-12-03T21:40:42 /dtube/@rustysmetals/01yw2kjc SIlver Gets Slammed Again On Option Day Business as usual down at the LBMA BTC Bubble? I dont think so it would have crashed by now. so far on intraday charts we have a higher low and a double bottom on the 60m chart. Sorry but no bubble yet.... ![]( 2017-11-30T20:00:39 /money/@rustysmetals/silver-gets-slammed-again-on-option-day Daily Morning Trading At The Open Miners Ready To Move Up? Looking at the dollar on the open going into resistance. S&P and the Dow Jones as well as the NASDAQ on making new highs. Crude still trying to wake up and move forward to 70. The VIx should be coming into a bottom in reversing as volatility should be increasing with the reversal Gold and silver still struggling to hold their support levels of gold is really close to passing 1300 and silver is struggling to hold on to 17 The miners look positive this week as Monday movement into resistance on the daily charts look promising for the rest of the week BTC Bitcoin hits in all-time high depending on what exchange that you are looking at it, it either hit 10,000 or just stopped short of the big emotional spot. As it looks right now the coin does not look like a bubble. Amazingly enough it almost looks like it could move past 10,000 without a hick-up Catch me in the mornings on the open for equities and coming soon on the open for crypto's at 5 PM Arizona time. The purpose of these videos during the first hour of trading on new candles is to find the home in on players for the day. Please subscribe please follow me on STEEMIT and do your part by tipping the bartender HA HA Or if you like to buy me a cup coffee :) anyways thank you very much for your support and stopping by today 2017-11-28T18:26:15 /money/@rustysmetals/daily-morning-trading-at-the-open-miners-ready-to-move-up Weekly Updates Equities S&P New Highs BTC At New Holiday Highs $8650 whoa..... <center><a href='!/v/rustysmetals/bxdzmnoh'><img src=''></a></center><hr>Dollar Daily Coming Into Support Will Price Hold? Crude Had A Great Friday Close, Maybe Fill The Tanks Up This Week.... BTC Made New Highs This Weekend So Happy Thanksgiving :) Big Winner This Weekend So Far IS SBD Steem Dollars Looks Like The Trend Is Changing On Many Cryptos :) Learning To Trade Can Be The Hardest Game To Play Because The Biggest Obstacle Is Ourselves Support Me By Following-Resteeming-Share & Upvoting Me On Steemit: Here Paypal: my long term hold is EOS :) Buy Me Some Coffee If You Like These Videos btc: 3MnBdkH85hrpCnMnARajDQ5bgLrZLq23up eth: 0x0092f0f7c23a45c7a1f900477f466892af4a65d0 ltc: LgpTQcW8HsjruUag7kHAughMjZ99h8WPc1 eos: 0xf57b10fde6d5d70dbd89ca517d225fb86bfd0e50 btg: GYQqXozscQdz3cqCMHdQ2kMZpVXyJb6gCy buy btc mine btc cloud mining Trade Cryptocurrency HitBTC Exchange: Binance Exchange: <hr><a href='!/v/rustysmetals/bxdzmnoh'> ▶️ Watch on DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▶️ Watch Source (IPFS)</a> 2017-11-25T21:09:24 /dtube/@rustysmetals/bxdzmnoh Miners On The Open Gapped Up![blockchain list.PNG] The List Of Block Chain Equities Are Growing Fast And Going Main Stream here is todays live trading video. ( 2017-11-22T16:39:18 /money/@rustysmetals/miners-on-the-open-gapped-up Mr. FBI Informant, Who Is This Guy? FBI Informant has videos of "bags of cash" Indictments Anyone? Anyone see the chart on $SBD waiting for blkbtc to crack the whip here. 2017-11-22T03:15:54 /news/@rustysmetals/mr-fbi-informant-who-is-this-guy Miners Retracing typical boring open in equities so we opened up to talk about mininig@ genesis mining and discovered more blockchain equities that are popping up everywhere. Support Me By Following-Resteeming-Share & Upvoting Me On Steemit: Here my long term hold is EOS :) buy btc mine btc cloud mining 2017-11-20T16:13:12 /money/@rustysmetals/miners-retracing Weekly Updates: Head And Shoulders Tops Forming On Indexes <center><a href='!/v/rustysmetals/26unzhfh'><img src=''></a></center><hr>watching the tops come in. watch out below if pattern is confirmed. s&p and dow. dasdaq show a double top. BTC breaks in 8000 range again and with volume looks higher prices are coming as weekly candle is bullish my long term hold is EOS :) buy btc mine btc cloud mining my youtube connect steemit <hr><a href='!/v/rustysmetals/26unzhfh'> ▶️ Watch on DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▶️ Watch Source (IPFS)</a> 2017-11-19T23:56:09 /dtube/@rustysmetals/26unzhfh S&P Slips As Miners Hug Support Waiting to see the Index to fall over. Dollar coming into support Oil coming back into support Gold Silver On life support hugging support Watching BTC on the bounce into resistance see what kind of movement we get here. If BTC falls off to find support Cryptos will be primed and ready for a daily chart move across the 34sma trend. 2017-11-14T16:04:27 /money/@rustysmetals/s-and-p-slips-as-miners-huge-support Can Gold Stay Above $1260 After Taking A Hit? <center><a href='!/v/rustysmetals/qhnpqxwo'><img src=''></a></center><hr>Crypto Exchange To Look Into Binance. Backed By A Crypto Coin. Future Is Creating A BlockChain Exchange<hr><a href='!/v/rustysmetals/qhnpqxwo'> ▶️ Watch on DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▶️ Watch Source (IPFS)</a> 2017-11-13T02:18:57 /dtube/@rustysmetals/qhnpqxwo Oil Is Rising Long Term Chart Breaks loose 2017-11-07T16:33:18 /money/@rustysmetals/oil-is-rising-long-term-chart-breaks-loose Weekly Update Gold & SIlver Smacked BTC New Highs <center><a href='!/v/rustysmetals/twgac920'><img src=''></a></center><hr>Weekly Review , Market Overview. S&P watch for double tops. Gold Watch For Flat Bottom Breaks. Oil Off And Running. Dollar Resistance At 96 or so as the bear trap closes. Cryptocurrency Deposit Accounts BTC: 18cuYPwqeA2nSivgptHaDBGd7WXatDrQ4f BCH: 1PycV5hqLC8Qa6ptRjS36tAo9vuQz9pzaj LTC: LTPJJgwShownxDiyTDMpwb1X8xw5HhJgp4 ETH: 0x8ee80917244889ba580534862daf6bf86de5c41e <hr><a href='!/v/rustysmetals/twgac920'> ▶️ Watch on DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▶️ Watch Source (IPFS)</a> 2017-11-05T21:52:18 /dtube/@rustysmetals/twgac920 Reversals And Lowers Highs 2017-11-01T13:30:30 /money/@rustysmetals/reversals-and-lowers-highs S&P recovers back into resistance Bearish retracement is the air being let out. watching for a turn down wards. 2017-10-26T17:29:12 /money/@rustysmetals/s-and-p-recovers-back-into-resistance S&P Turns After Two Daily Reversals In A Row Watch Out Below Rising Wedge confirmed on down side move. Set Off by a 2 bar reversal dark cloud cover. Watch Out Markets Are Turning Over! ![]( 2017-10-25T15:45:27 /money/@rustysmetals/s-and-p-turns-after-two-daily-reversals-in-a-row-watch-out-below MIners Still At Support On A Tether Watching S&P For A Reversal Here we have S&P with 2 reversal patterns on the daily charts. Looking at the Rising Wedge(bearish) & yesterday the consecutive reversal pattern the dark cloud cover 2-bar reversal also can be called the Bearish Piercing pattern. 2 bearish reversals in a row on S&P. 2017-10-24T14:26:03 /money/@rustysmetals/miners-still-at-support-on-a-tether-watching-s-and-p-for-a-reversal