What is Steem and how does related to this service?

Steem is a social blockchain ecosystem that does not pay miners, but instead pays rewards for people that contribute. Contributions range from

  • posting
  • voting
  • investing
  • saving
  • market making, as well as
  • mining

We offer services on top of the Steem blockchain that helps you benefit from these rewards.

How does Steem pay for all of this?

Similar to bitcoin, where miners are paid by newly created Bitcoins, Steem pays its users by newly created STEEM. Some of these payouts are locked for investors, some other STEEM are paid in a U.S. Dollar pegged crypto currency called Steem Dollar (SD).

The balance between buyers and sellers is achieved by multiple factors, among which are:

  • Vested STEEM (also called Steem Power) can only be withdrawn over a period of 2 years.
  • The more STEEM Power you have, the more rewards you can earn and the more influence you have on the platform.
  • Some interest may be paid on Steem Power as well as Steem Dollars.
  • More reasons can be found in the official whitepaper

How can I access my account using

Since won't let you login with the account if it has the owner key associated with it you can do to access the funds of your account like this: 1. Get back to the paperwallet generator 2. Provide the account name and password to derive the keys 3. Pick the active private key (starting with 5) of your account 4. On, login with the username username/active and the private key from 3. as password 4. It should be possible to do the same thing with the posting key aswell, except that you won't have access to your funds, but can post, vote, and comment

Our Services

Why require Social Logins

We require you to verify your identity via social logins before we create an account for you. The reasons is that accounts are pre-funded by us why some initial Steem Power. To prevent abuse, we require that you verify your account against a few social networks and thus proof some social reach.

What do you use social logins for?

We merely uses your social login to authenticated you against that service. Unless explicitly granted by you, we will not take actions on any social network.

Why do I need to prepare my account?

Usually, new accounts on Steem come with very restricted permissions that prevent anyone from misusing your STEEM account. Only you control your account. However, we require posting/voting permissions to serve you. For this reasons, we require that you add one of our accounts to your posting permissions. Only then will we be able to posting and vote on your behalf. Note: You will always have exclusive control over your funds, unless explicitly granted to us. Furthermore, you can opt-out of this feature at any time without asking for permission!

Cross Posting

Why should cross-post my blog posts?

Well, do you earn anything from writing a brilliant post on any other social network than Steem?


What's in for the operator

Operators that have a big crowd of agents behind them can benefit from their upvotes because they can be sure that their agents will upvote this particular post as well. Being among the first to identify great content will leave you with a higher rewards.

Note, since agents are notified over each vote of their operator, misusing this power will eventually result in agents leaving the operators behind.

What's in for the agents?

Agents provide the operators with voting power but they don't need to to this explicitly. Instead, we automates this for the agent. This means, you can easily give your voting power to operators across the world that spot great posts posted in any time zone, even while you sleep. Since basic agents upvote posts in a random order, you will probably vote for content before others do. The better operators you pick, the more you can gain from lending your voting power.

Note, you can leave an operator at any time and follow up to 5 operators.

What about downvotes?

Currently, the operator defines how their agents vote and how much weight they use. If the operator votes with 90% of his voting power, so will the agents. If the operator downvotes content, so will the agents. In future, we will give the agents more control over this.

Account Setup

How can I unlock my account for use with Streemian?


How can I remove the permissions from my Steem account?